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SEASON 2 (Spring 2016)

Ep. 11: Rachel A.G. Gilman

The Write Stuff is back, and this week, host and producer Rachel A.G. Gilman takes a spin as a guest, celebrating Valentine's Day with a reading of her story, "J." You can find out more about Rachel on her websiteTwitter, and Instagram.
Ep. 11: Rachel A.G. Gilman - Rachel A.G. Gilman

Ep. 12: Adi eshman

This week, Rachel sits down with Adi Eshman, NYU graduate, playwright, and screenwriter, to discuss his current project, “Painters.” For more information about this play, you can email
Ep. 12: Adi Eshman - Rachel A.G. Gilman

Ep. 13: Phillip Lopate

This week, Rachel speaks with Phillip Lopate, the director of the nonfiction concentration in the graduate Writing Program at Columbia University School of the Arts, where he also teaches writing. Find out more about Phillip on his website.
Ep. 13: Phillip Lopate - Rachel A.G. Gilman

Ep. 14: Julianna Hurtado

This week, Rachel sits down with Julianna Hurtado, NYU graduate and current MFA student at Hunter College. Julianna reads a short piece of hers, "Sometimes It Was Like This." Follow Julianna on Twitter to learn more.
Ep. 14: Julianna Hurtado - Rachel A.G. Gilman

Ep. 15: Sebastian Muriel

Rachel sits down with Sebastian Muriel, NYU student and contributor for WSN's Under the Arch. He reads his story "Walking Home." Find out more about Sebastian on his website.
Ep. 5: Deborah Landau - Rachel A.G. Gilman

Ep. 16: Kaitlyn McNab

Rachel is joined by NYU freshman and Under The Arch contributor, Kaitlyn McNab. Kaitlyn reads her poem, "The Same Dream." You can follow Kaitlyn on Twitter and read her blog.
Ep. 16: Kaitlyn McNab - Rachel A.G. Gilman

Ep. 17: Alan Ziegler

Rachel speaks with Alan Ziegler, a Professor of Writing at Columbia University's School of the Arts. Alan reads poems of his own, including a piece from his upcoming memoir "Based on a True Life: A Memoir in Flashes," as well as poems from collections he has edited. You can get in touch with Alan via email.
Ep. 17: Alan Ziegler - Rachel A.G. Gilman

Ep. 18: Marissa Elliot Little

Rachel is joined by Marissa Elliot Little, her former editor at Washington Square News, for a chat and a reading from an exercise Elliot completed for her creative non-fiction class (but the work is entirely fictional!). You can follow Elliot on Twitter.
Ep. 8: Marissa Elliot Little - Rachel A.G. Gilman

Ep. 9: Tamuira ReiD

This week, Rachel is joined by Tamuira Reid, a professor in NYU's Liberal Studies department as well as a screenwriter and essayist, who reads "The Short Bus," a piece from her upcoming project.
Ep. 9: Tamuira Reid - Rachel A.G. Gilman

Ep. 10: Suddenly, a Knock at the door

On the season finale, Rachel interviews the creative team behind the upcoming play, "Suddenly, A Knock At The Door," and they give us a live reading of the opening scene of the play. Find out more about the play on its Facebook page.
Ep. 10: Suddenly, A Knock At The Door - Rachel A.G. Gilman
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